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Raised Bed Planter Boxes

Posted by Bill Ridings on Wed, Feb 02, 2011

California Urban Lumber now offers raised bed planter boxes. The full two inch by twelve inch planks and three inch square posts are made from salvaged redwood logs. No chemicals added.

Raised beds are attractive and efficient. It is easier to control erosion, soil compaction, weeds, water use, and drainage. The soil in raised beds warms up quickly in the Springtime giving your young plants and seeds a better chance of survival. Planter boxes also make it easier on the gardeners back!

Remember to line the bottom of your bed with chicken wire or some other rust resistant wire mesh to keep the gophers and moles out of your garden.

If you want to apply a preservative to your planter box lumber, do this at the beginning of the project and let it dry overnight. Use a natural preservative such as linseed oil.

Fill your planter boxes with one part peat moss or compost, one part sand or perlite, and two parts clean soil. This mix is suggested by the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Pictures of the Redwood Planter Beds will be available for veiwing soon.

Another green choice for planter beds is a modular design that only requires a hammer for the installation. To see this innovative and attractive planter bed, visit www.myecomulch.com.